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The Navigant Sports team members first met in 1999 at SFX Sports Group, the world’s largest sports management agency at the time. Between them, they have over 80 years of marketing, contract, and sales experience in the sports industry.

In early 2018, after extensive research, the team at Navigant Sports found that most head coaches and assistant coaches outside of men’s football and basketball, either retain family lawyers or negotiate their own coaching contracts. As a result, many coaches in these sports are at a significant disadvantage in their contractual relationship with athletic departments and the athletic directors at their respective schools. This imbalance was the impetus to form Navigant Sports to help level the playing field for coaches and assistant coaches in these sports.




David Eyl, Esq. | Co-Founder

David has over 20 years of sports marketing, management and sales experience. After graduating law school and working for a boutique sports investment bank, David joined SFX Sports Group as a Vice President of Marketing and Sales. During his tenure at SFX, David worked with many superstar athletes and several high profile college basketball coaches.

  • After SFX, he held several executive roles building and growing sports verticals for technology companies and still works with several former SFX clients including Arizona head basketball coach Bobby Hurley and NBA legend Muggsy Bogues.
  • He obtained his JD from Temple University, his MA in Sports Management from Ohio State University and his BA from Emory University. He is an adjunct professor in Georgetown’s graduate sports management school and American University’s undergraduate business school.
Todd Ciuba | Co-Founder

Prior to starting Navigant Sports, Todd was the Vice President of Marketing and Digital at SFX World, a premier global professional sports marketing agency. During 12 years at SFX World he acted as a player manager for professional golfers on every major world tour, developed and managed over $80M in global sports sponsorships with companies from every industry, coordinated high-end hospitality at major sporting events, sold network television sponsorships and worked with national charities on their sports marketing activities. He also worked closely with agents and celebrities across all of sports and entertainment on cross platform-marketing programs for his corporate clients. Foreseeing the increase of social media in sports he created a unique partnership with an award-winning digital marketing firm. This partnership created a first of its kind, proprietary digital marketing platform that extended the reach a sponsorship while increasing revenue for the celebrity and agency.




Contract Negotiation

Navigant Sports has over 25 years of experience drafting and negotiating contracts for college coaches. Having drafted and negotiated hundreds of college coaching contracts, we are able to maximize all aspects of the contract for our clients. In addition to the monetary aspects of the contract, there are many important issues and deal points where Navigant uses its experience and expertise to advocate on behalf of our clients.

Career Advisory and Planning

There is a general misconception that agents or representatives can secure jobs for coaches. At Navigant, we don’t “get” jobs for our clients, but we do put them in the best position to secure the positions that are available and are good fits for them. With our experience and extensive network of contacts with athletic departments and recruiters, we work closely with our clients to identify potential job opportunities and assist them with all aspects of the process. We actively engage with our relationship networks so that very early in the process we hear about potential new employment opportunities for our clients.

Marketing and Commercial

We assist and advise our clients with all marketing and commercial opportunities. For camps and clinics we provide our contract services to ensure they are fully protected and they are maximizing the opportunities outside of their coaching obligations.




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